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Posted on Jan 9, 2014

21 Dogs Perfecting The Art Of Air Swimming

And it is one fine, adorable art.

1. This extremely prepared pug.

2. This sleepy swimmer.

3. This one who considers water and air the same feat.

4. This gal who can swim, okay, don't worry about it.

5. This one who is trying to reason how he's moving.

6. This one who is prepared for all types of water.

7. This epic beast.

8. This one who is prepared but not quite ready yet.

9. This girl who just needs to get her feet wet.

10. This guy who knows where water normally lives and is not going to take any chances.

11. This fluff who's slowly building her confidence as a water dog.

12. This guy who's seen "Alice in Wonderland" and knows he could change sizes at a moments notice, thank you very much.

13. This guy who won't take any chances and begins to swim just hearing water.

14. This guy who's thankful her human hasn't forced her to graduate to actual water in the kiddie pool before it's time.

15. I mean...this...

and more of this...

16. This girl who knows how to say "no" to a bath.

17. Yet another gal trying to justify her magic movement.

18. This girl who's working her way up to tryouts for this year's swim team.

19. This prissy Miss.

20. This gal who just likes to work out before her bath like any self-respecting adult.

21. Finally, this guy who shows us all how tons of preparation can lead to great success.

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