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21 Times Dogs Were Kind Of The Worst

Man's best friend isn't always the best.

1. This dog who would prefer this reporter not humansplain his life.

2. This dog who took advantage of his sister's struggles.

3. This dog who pushed his sister off the bed and then couldn't stop laughing.

4. This shiba who is just trying to promote some self-reliance.

5. This dog who has NO appreciation for Cheryl's birthday treat.

6. This little guy who used his size to fake out the competition.

7. This dog who will not stand for anyone sledding without him.

8. This dog who turned "crazy dog" into "baby bowling".

9. This dog who thinks the best place to fart is on his little brother's head.

10. This dog who finally figured out a masterplan to get his friend's ball.

11. This dog who does not want Kelley to have a happy birthday.

12. This dog who thought he saw an open invitation.

13. This dog who thinks it's the cat's turn for a bath this time.

14. This dog who is the worst of all sleepover prankers.

15. This extremely rude cheese-napper.

16. This dog who is giving you what you deserve for not stopping at Dairy Queen as PROMISED.

17. This dog who REALLY doesn't want you to come across his search history.

18. This dog who will uphold her title of "Queen of the Slide" at all costs.

19. This guy who's so clever, you're almost not mad.

20. This dog who was a jerk just 'cause.

21. Finally, the ultimate asshole dog move:

P.S. Here's a bonus jerk of a sea dog.

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