27 Dogs Having The Time Of Their Lives

    Take a note from these pups and enjoy the simpler things in life.

    1. This guy getting kissed by all the cows.

    2. This guy who's honestly just excited to be here:

    3. This cool rider:

    4. And this TOO EXCITED TO ACT COOL cool rider:

    5. This scratch heaven:

    6. This relaxed vacationer:

    7. This pup living in the lap of luxury:

    8. These Easter treats:

    9. This sly devil:

    10. This lady enjoying the ethereal luxury of wind through her hair.

    11. This relax-a-husky:

    12. This wiggly torpedo:

    13. And this EVEN WIGGLIER torpedo:

    14. This splish-splasher:

    15. This leaf scooter:

    16. This dog who has successfully trained the ice cream truck:

    17. This smiling ray of sunshine:

    18. This guy truly getting into the ~zone~:

    19. This handsome heartbreaker who just purchased his first home:

    20. This guy gettin' a nice shampoo:

    21. This guy experiencing the joys of some nice dirt:

    22. And this guy experiencing the most majestic form of dirt (mud):

    23. This bouncy goof enjoying the freedoms of a trampoline:

    24. This guy who loves it! But hates it! (But really, really loves it!)

    25. This dog whose team just won the big game:

    26. This dog quietly having the time of his life annoying his puppy brother.

    27. And finally, this party animal who celebrates his life every single day:

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