28 Dogs Freaking Out About Autumn Leaves

    Nothing says a turn of the season like jumping into a great big pile of leaves.

    1. Before the leaves start changing, many dogs can be found willing the seasonal change...

    2. And then one day it happens and it's like a beautiful gift from above...

    3. Some try to act cool, making sure it's not a fairy tale and it is real life.

    4. Others just dive right in!

    5. Some fashion a beautiful wreath to adorn their adorable heads.

    6. Some wait for a leaf playmate...

    7. ...while others just get down to it and enjoy themselves.

    8. Seriously, if you have't crunched a good leaf, you HAVEN'T LIVED.

    9. There is always time to enjoy leaves, even after a human gathers them up.

    10. Some don't care what you think, autumn leaf time is a time to freak out and be a kid again.

    11. Think Slip 'n Slides are just for summer? THINK AGAIN.

    12. Some just like lying in the leaves, treating themselves to a nice, autumnal spa treatment.

    13. Others just love the feeling of crunchy leaf after crunchy leaf all over their body.

    14. Some respect how well their color scheme goes with the fall and they flaunt it.

    15. The extra-thoughtful give leaves as presents...

    16. Oh yes, many presents.

    17. Many choose to use this crunchy leaf time to contemplate the passing of time.

    18. Some use this time to be coy.

    19. Some COMMIT.

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    20. Some use it to reconnect with nature.

    21. And some just enjoy a dainty leaf on their nose while they're serenaded like the goddesses they are.

    22. Ah yes, the running of the crunchy leaves. Inspirational, really.

    23. But no matter how you spend this time of year...

    24. Never, ever tell a dog you don't understand their obsession with crunchy leaves.

    25. Unless you're prepared for a stern lecture on the beautiful intricacies of a perfect pile of fall leaves.

    26. Just grab one crunchy leaf if you're still unsure.

    27. And don't forget a scarf to optimize your time in the autumnal beauty!

    28. Because it's fall aka crunchy leaf time and it is time to FREAK OUT.