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17 Dogs All Cozy In Their Christmas Pajamas

It's not Christmas 'til you get in your jim jams.

1. This little guy who, through what can only be described as Christmas strength, got his PJ's on.

2. Ah, and this new style of jim jams.

3. This gal who put on a few pounds this winter and is thankful for the chance to hang with fam in nothing but a onesie.

4. These two. My god, are you melting yet?

5. And these two goofs who are determined to stay up all night to catch Santa.

6. This pom who drank all the warm milk early and passed out.

7. This guy who had his jammies on all day, just waiting for the opportune Christmas snuggle moment.

8. This pug who wants to know why you don't have your pajamas on yet.

9. The infamous Corgnelius celebrates with 100% comfort and 0% shame.

10. This gal who know's it's time to Christmas Carol as soon as these jammies are on.

11. This little guy who planned ahead for warm tootsies.

12. This dog with a strategic back flap.

13. This girl who spends the first hour in her PJ's reflecting on whether or not she's actually been good this year.

(She has not but she's forgiven because she's is damn adorable.)

14. This fly dancer.

15. This model, taking her traditional Christmas Eve stroll.

16. This pup who's using literally all of his energy not to open his presents.

17. Finally, this guy who forgot his PJ's but is making up for it spectacularly.

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