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18 Small Victories Of Dog Owners

You know it's love when even the little things mean a whole lot.

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1. When you get them home and they fit right in.

2. When they actually come when you call them.

3. When they let you know they have to pee instead of just peeing on the floor.

4. When you say "leave it" and they ACTUALLY leave the thing they really want.

5. When they sleep through the night without crying.

6. When they cuddle on the couch with you.

7. When they finally learn to walk on a leash without pulling.

8. When your dog gets scared of thunder/fireworks/etc and comes to you for comfort.

9. Or when they get nervous at the vet and all they need is a hug from you.

10. When they stop chewing your shoes/walls/papers finally.

11. When they get upgraded from a crate to their very own grown-up bed!

12. When you're having a bad day and they ~just know~.

13. When they follow you around just because the wanna hang with you.

14. When someone compliments how cute/well behaved your dog is.

15. When it's freezing out and they do their business right away.

16. When they give you all the lil puppy kisses.

17. When they actually fetch the ball.

18. Mostly, every morning when you see them and they're just as excited to see you.

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