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    31 Of The Most Dog Things To Ever Happen

    Dog things are the best things.

    1. When these two partied too hard:

    2. When this pup missed his mom so bad he couldn't contain his excitement:

    3. When this dog patiently waited for his human to puddle as any good best friend would:

    4. When this pup adorably couldn't get his treat on:

    5. When this guy showed his sister how to crawl:

    6. When this dog did God's work:

    7. When this dog life-hacked the crap out of this hill:

    8. When this dude got deep in the butter:

    9. And when this dog pushed his sibling to crawl his very best:

    10. When this dog got left out but understood why:

    11. And when this guy felt like a rainbow, so he became one:

    12. When this dog showed off his unbridled joy:

    13. And when this little one appreciated the little things.

    14. When this brother felt so bad for stealing his sister's toys that he gave her all of them.

    15. When this silly guy played with his favorite friend:

    16. When this dog annoyed this cat:

    17. When these two cuties goofed around:

    18. When this husky stopped at nothing to get a taste of some fresh air:

    19. When this dog denied taking any of the treats:

    20. When this dog felt guilty and wanted to hug it out:

    21. When this shiba got stuck on his way to work but didn't mind at all:

    22. When this gal wouldn't let a little snow get in her way of playing:

    23. When this puppy couldn't catch:

    24. And when this guy just wanted a little water:

    25. When this shiba tested out his new toy:

    26. When this dog wanted to play so badly:

    27. When this pup confronted himself for the first time:

    28. When this pup kept rollin', rollin', rollin':

    29. When this dog won over a kangaroo with his charm and his genuine likability.

    30. When this dog wouldn't let a little turnstile get in the way of bringing home the best stick in the world:

    31. And when this dog enjoyed his first ever hamburger: