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    21 Cats Who Will Make You Want To Live Better

    If they can do it, so can you!

    1. This cat who showed the importance of patience with friends.

    2. This cat who shows the importance of good posture and ~attitude~.

    3. This cat who offered to babysit last minute even though she had planned a hot date.

    4. This cat who knows the importance of a well-timed fax.

    5. This new mom showing the importance of a good snuggle.

    6. This cat who is bravely helping with the pool, despite being terrified of water.

    7. This cat who is really good at telling when his friends need a hug.

    8. This cat who has given up quite a bit for his semi-recent family addition.

    9. This cat whose back is also aching but he knows his husband also had a long day.

    10. This cat who's being very calm even though she's raging that you're home so late.

    11. This cat showing the importance of hanging (or just calling!) your family.

    12. This cat reading to his friend.

    13. This cat who adopted this child as her own, despite little to no physical evidence of being the birth mother.

    14. This cat embodying the importance to take time out of one's day to reflect.

    15. These EXTREME sharers.

    16. This cat showing the importance of asking for what you need.

    17. This cat who wakes up every morning to make sure this Shiba is on time to his day job.

    18. Basically, if this cat can stand this dog...

    19. ...and this cat can snuggle up to this iguana...

    20. ...and this cat can take big risks...

    21. can be kinder, braver, more awesome too!

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