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    Daylight Saving Monday Blues

    Sure, we get extra day-light but it doesn't mean waking up on Monday is going to be easy. These animals understand.

    5 more minutes

    Sleepiness can be adorable sometimes though

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    The lights are on and your eyes are open. "Awake" is a strong term

    Willpower does not always help with staying awake

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    You can try to make breakfast fun but it won't give back that hour of sleep

    Warning: falling asleep at breakfast is possible

    Dressed for work doesn't mean "ready" for work

    Then the "morning person" at work greets you to eagerly.

    "Oh Hell No"

    Everyone thinks you're giving them the stink-eye but you're just tired, okay?

    At least most are in the same yawn-ride with you

    Goal: Accepting your sleepiness but still smiling about it