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14 Cuties Who Could Definitely Break The Internet

It was tough competition, but these cuties out-adorabled everyone on the Cute or Not app! Prepare your heart for a whole lot of cute.

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1. Little Alfie could've broken the app with those puppy-dog eyes...

Alfie / Cute or Not

2. ...and Bun Bun straight-up destroyed hearts with his little wave.

Bun Bun / Cute or Not

3. Charlie Thomas was all, "Who, me?" with those eyes but totally understood his adorable power.

Charlie Thomas / Cute or Not

4. Allie was surprised and honored with all her cutes.

Allie / Cute or Not

5. Dixi and Jinxy upped their respective puppy-dog and kitty-cat eye games to win everyone over.

Dixi and Jinxy / Cute or Not

6. Baecat was super chill about the whole "cutest cat on the internet" situation.

Bae Cat / Cute or Not

7. Leon and Ada impressed everyone with their napping abilities.

Leon and Ada / Cute Or Not

8. Lola inspired everyone with visions of the future.

Lola / Cute or Not

9. Louie was thankful for the votes of cute but mostly thankful for the weekend.

Louie / Cute or Not

10. Rapunzel held her own among her furry counterparts...

Rapunzel / Cute or Not

11. ...and Lucius made us all want to snuggle in.

Lucius / Cute or Not

12. Milo had the cutest smirk on BOTH sides of the Mississippi.

Milo / Cute or Not

13. Moxie was runnin' low on actual moxie but made up for it by being the sweetest little cutie.

Moxie / Cute or Not

14. And finally, Luna stood as our ~ultimate~ Leader of Cute for nearly stopping all of our hearts with that adorable little smile!

Luna / Cute or Not

Don't have the Cute or Not app yet? No worries, you can download it here and get all the cuties your heart desires!

Legally Mandated Warning: If your personal life philosophy prevents you from enjoying things that are (a) Adorable, (b) Cute, (c) Precious, (d) Huggable, or (e) All of the above, this app may not be for you.

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