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    19 Cows Who Don't Quite Have This Cow Thing Down

    Ladies, it's time to cow up.

    1. This cow who forgot how to drive.

    2. This gal who thinks she's a dog.

    3. This cow whose diet starts on Monday.

    4. This cow who thought she could jump over the moon.

    5. This girl who was just trying to redecorate.

    6. This girl who thinks it's unfair luxury items don't come in her size.

    7. This lady who had one too many at the garden party.

    8. This girl who never finds her mate because she doesn't set realistic goals for herself.

    9. This girl who thought going through a ladder was better than going under it.

    10. This gal who is 10 years too late for this party.

    11. This cow who pretends to be literate just to get by in this harsh world.

    12. This lady who got lost in her thinking chair.

    13. This girl who will never look for your missing sock again.

    14. This cow who just wants to get back to nature but is trapped by the city life.

    15. This gal who thinks trampolines were built for her.

    16. This curious cow who is very thankful for her best friend.

    17. This gal who tried to run away from home only to be tricked by these two trees.

    18. This respectable woman trying to live out her dreams of zooming through the streets on a Vespa.

    19. This cow who isn't even stuck, this is a fashion statement.

    Except this cow. This cow is winning at everything.