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    Corgis With Long Tails Are Adorable Royalty And Should Be Treated As Such

    Take a deep breath and repeat after me: corgis will not go extinct. It's just that corgis without tails, AKA corgis as we know them might go extinct since dog tail docking is no longer acceptable. So throw silly "breed standards" aside, and look how cute (and humane) corgis with tails are!!

    Look, we all can recognize how adorable the corgi fluffy toosh is but trust me, it's just as cute WITH the tail!

    This guy is harboring unrealistic expectations of catching this ball, just like any other corgi!

    And sure, the guy on the left doesn't look like a little peach butt but he is still so adorable!

    I mean LOOK at this pup!

    When a corgi has a tail, he gets the chance to show off chasing it for hours and hours.

    The tail really highlights those adorable little paws.

    And this tail really frames this corgi's flirty wink.

    If you're a corg without a tail, don't fear! There are many a "toupée' to cure your problem.

    So happy, so much joy, so tail.