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    Corgi Finds Love In A Hopeless Place

    This Reddit thread recounts a magical encounter between a corgi and a bunny.

    Ripley the corgi was sniffing around an otherwise bleak patch of grass when he saw something a little different...

    A baby bunny!

    The bunny, a little sad, hopped right into Ripley's arms.

    They planned to run off together but the bunny was a little timid.

    This was the first time she had met a corgi, so she was understandably nervous.

    Ripley reassured her though...

    The bunny cheered up, which obviously cheered Ripley up as well.

    They started running around together, talking about the future.

    ...and all the adventures they would go on...

    Now these neighborhood pals are Adventure Friends for life. Who knows where the world will take them?

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