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24 Times Corgis Failed So Hard But Were So Cute It Didn’t Matter

It's hard out there for a corgi.

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1. When this corgi forgot all about glass doors:

2. When this corgi just couldn't find his ball but it didn't matter:

3. When this guy slipped into the pool and straight into our hearts:

4. This little corgi who just...couldn't:

5. This little fluff who couldn't use all of his adorable powers to get out of this tent:

6. This epically graceful fall:

7. And then this synchronized one:

8. This horrible snow plow:

9. When this guy nailed his birthday photoshoot:

10. When this corg made a fool of herself in front of this spoon:

11. This corgi who was looking for his tickets so long, he missed the show:

12. When this corgi couldn't be bothered with moving closer:

13. When this corgi found an enemy in the mirror:

14. And this corgi who found it in a head of lettuce.

15. This corgi who ferociously fought this ice:

16. When this guy tried out to be a drummer:

17. This corgi who has found his ~own~ way to get down the stairs:

18. When this guy was too excited about his new kicks to even pretend to act cool:

19. When this race happened:

20. This enthusiastic fisherman:

21. When this little guy tried out for the track team:

22. When this gal forgot the difference between her bed and her bowl:

23. This corgi who decided to try out a new digging technique:

24. And finally, this corgi who completely forgot how to corgi:

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