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24 Of The Fluffiest Animals In The World

These are licensed fluff professionals, people. Listed with the qualifications that allowed them on such a soft, adorable list.

1. Fluffy Alpacerson

Qualifications: Fluffy bod, fluffy ears, adorable eyes!

2. The Fluff Who Is Very Appreciative of Other Fluff!

Qualifications: Um, this cat BYPASSED FOOD to pet that luxurious fluff.

3. The Fluffy Jumper

Qualifications: Uses fluff to fly.

4. The Butt Fluffs

Qualifications: Four fluffy butts plus one fluffy mom = a flufftacular.

5. The Kid Fluffers

Flickr: 58792328@N00

Qualifications: Fluffy butt, fluffy head, fluffy dance moves.

6. The Royal Fluffy Family

Qualifications: The hug, the white fluff, the yellow fluff, GAH, ALL THE FLUFFS.

7. The Pile of Fluff with a Cat Head

Qualifications: Basically a pillow.

8. The Fluffy Drinker

Qualifications: Good drinking partner, excellent bartender, and the best buddy to pet when you've had a few.

9. The Fluffy Pouncer

Qualifications: LOOK AT THAT POUNCE. LOOK AT IT!!!!!

10. The Fluffy Tripper.

Qualifications: She's got a one way ticket to...FLUFFY TOWN.

11. The Fluffiest Thing Who Can't Even Believe How FRICKIN' FLUFFY SHE IS


12. The Fluffy Reasoner

Qualifications: Always available for a chat or a pet, uses powers for only good.

13. The Sass Walker

Qualifications: LOOK AT DAT ASS.

14. Shiba Fluffy Ears

Qualifications: Fluff is more compact but it is strong.

15. The Too Fluffy Gotta Hide Kitten

Qualifications: Even SHE knows she's dangerously fluffy.

16. The Triumphant Fluff

Qualifications: She is very encouraging of both you and herself. Once again, a supreme example of using her gift to better the world.

17. The Napping Fluff

Qualifications: Poses the ultimate challenge: Touch the belly and disturb the peace or let it be and enjoy the sweetness? WHAT WOULD YOU DO??

18. The Cool Jammer

Qualifications: Makes you dance with his sweet moves and soft fluffs.

19. The Serious Fluff

Qualifications: Refused to show us his qualifications, doesn't matter: so fluffy.

20. The Confident Fluff

Qualifications: He's fluffy and he knows it.

21. The Shocked Fluff

Qualifications: HE can't even believe how fluffy he is. Soft cutie over here with a side of humble.

22. The Brothers Soft.

Qualifications: Not ONE but TWO fluffy balls of joy over here!

23. The Fluffy Ducklings

Qualifications: One added a little shake, one added a little nap. IT IS ALL TOO MUCH TO HANDLE.

24. And Finally, The Lounging Fluff

Qualifications: He's got rolls. He's got cute flippers. He's got fluff. HE'S GOT IT ALL.

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