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23 Cats Who Won 2015

Cats win everything.

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1. This kitten who won the "Most Enthusiastic Kitten" award.

2. This cat who showed everyone how much he resents spaghetti night.

3. This orange cat who finally got her brother to say "uncle".

4. This cat who finally laid down the law on sharing his skittles.

5. This kitten who found the perfect sun spot.

6. These cats who showed the dog who's boss.

7. This lady who scored a sweet deal on the latest fashions.

8. This cat who out-booped a human.

9. This cat who chilled out to "Hot Line Bling".

10. This cat who finally found her best friend.

11. This cat who finally got to enjoy the wonders of Hawaiian pizza.

12. This cat who finally got the chauffeur she deserved.

13. This cat who destroyed this watermelon.

14. This darling who pranked a human...

...pranked 'em real good.

15. And this one who really took the time for self-care.

16. This champion balancer.

17. This cat who flushed the toilet while his human was on it just to show him who was boss.

18. This kitten who fully embraced the "no rules at dinner" lifestyle.

19. These two Olympans.

20. This heroic cat who basically saved this kid's life.

21. This cat who said no to working...

22. And this one who said "no" to working out.

23. And finally, this kitten who found her forever home <3

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