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33 Cats Who Want To Celebrate Cat Adoption Month With You

If you've ever considered adopting a cat, June is your month! All cats featured are at NYC's ASPCA but there are more resources for you to find your new fluffy buddy at the ASPCA, Humane Society or at Pet Finder.

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2. While these cuties need a home too, they are pretty easy to place while older cats get ignored.

So if you have a fit home for a cat, maybe consider some of these adorable lovelies:

3. Captain

Chelsea Marshall

He's a 7-year-old Tiffany mix with a sweet demeanor (especially when there are treats involved!). Plus, he has those adorable little fangs that just make you want to hug him even more.

6. Simbasa

Chelsea Marshall

Simbasa is 8½ years old and favored her bird toy. She's fantastic at imparting wisdom like "Wait and the bird shall appear." She may be starting her own inspirational card line soon, but who knows!

8. China

Chelsea Marshall

She was so chill and knew the best spot in the joint: near the window where she could gaze out and passersby could revel in her beauty. She needs to take medication to manage her history of seizures but she says it's no biggie.

9. James

Chelsea Marshall

He's a 4-year-old FIV-positive cat and just as nice as can be. The ASPCA assures that FIV-positive cats can live long, healthy lives with the proper medication; they just cannot be around non-FIV-positive cats. However, they are also the friendliest of cats.

10. And James' BFF, Gwendolyn

Chelsea Marshall

At 6½ years old, she is also FIV positive and slightly more shy. (Though I figured she just wanted to stay near colors that brought our her eyes.)

11. Gia

Chelsea Marshall

LOOK AT THOSE EYES!! She has asthma that is controlled with a daily oral steroid. She would do best in a house of a non-smoker who doesn't use scented candles or incense. But who wouldn't give such a small sacrifice for this lady?

14. Bart

At 7½ years old, Bart can be a little serious, but he's also got a goofy side (see: sticking his tongue out).

19. Jenny

Chelsea Marshall

Jenny is an 8½-year-old sweetheart who knows all her best photographic angles and just loves scratches. She's so special, she has her own little bell collar all ready.

23. Robin

Chelsea Marshall

She's a 1-year-old Havana Brown mix and has the softest chocolate-brown coat I had ever seen on a cat. She insisted on a simplistic background for her headshot, keeping the look "hipster" but dignified.

26. And her 2½-year-old best friend, Trina

Chelsea Marshall

Trina was really curious and liked to observe us humans from high up while her best friend explored more closely. They make quite the duo.

29. Alicia

Chelsea Marshall

At 3½ years old, Alicia is a little spacey. She has some abnormal coordination on the left side of her body as well, which may be the result of a trauma at an early age. Despite that, she is a fluff ball of love waiting for her a home who understands her.

31. Andromeda

Chelsea Marshall

Andromeda wanted to pose very seriously for her photos (she's 1! She's trying to earn some respect!) but was very sweet and wide-eyed most of the time I spent with her. Also, her coloring is just beautiful, right??

All of the cats above are from the NYC's ASPCA. If you are interested in any of them please call (212) 876-7700, ext. 4120 and give their names!

There are also tons of other cats (and dogs!) there if you want to check out other kitties to make your home and life a little fluffier.

Want to check out other places or just aren't in NYC? Be sure to check out your local shelter, Humane Society or even online at Pet Finder.

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