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    23 Cats Who Need To Be Cut Off

    Call a cab and get yourselves home, cats.

    1. Like most cats, these two started off their night fairly calmly...

    ..."hey, I might not even finish my beer!" this cat thought.

    2. But then all hell broke loose.

    3. This guy wanted to make hot toddies, forgot what he was doing, fell asleep and now has no idea who or where he is.

    4. This lady won't put her damn tongue away and will undoubtedly regret everything in the morning.

    5. This cat just fell asleep in the bar when you refused him a drink and what the hell, get out of here, cat.

    6. Don't trust this guy when one of his eyes starts to close. He'll tell you he's fine but it's really time for him to go home.

    7. Once Chester gets aggressive with the beer, it's time to

    8. NO, STOP IT, CAT.

    9. We made this guy count to ten with a bottle on his head before he could take another sip. He forgot what he's doing.

    10. That's not even YOUR SHIRT, Miriam. What the hell, it's time to leave.

    11. Steve is hiding from absolutely no one and needs to go home right this second.

    12. What are you even doing right now, Sean?

    13. This cat winks every single time you tell him "ENOUGH!"

    14. This little one who should've learned that when you think you have become the PBR, it is TIME TO LEAVE.

    15. No, this is disgusting, Patrick. This is too much.

    16. I'm actually proud of this cat for hydrating but wish he would stop staring at the wall like that.

    17. Once this guy gets extra friendly with strangers, it's time to leave.

    18. OH COMMON, you are falling down all over the place cat. Let's go.

    19. This cat is getting more drinks on his outfit than in his stomach.

    20. Oh no, that's not even a real enemy, Kevin.

    Nope, still not.

    It's time to go home now.

    21. This guy who literally drank all of the wine he brought to this party and just needs to leave now. No more for you.

    22. This one who has no damn idea where she is but is too afraid to move.

    23. And this guy who wasn't even invited to the party yet he's just sitting there, chill as hell.

    Don't be mad, cats. I'm just trying to help with your hangover tomorrow.

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