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31 Cats Who Just Want To Watch The World Burn

Hide your kids, hide your wife!

1. This cat who whined about a cat tree for years, got it, and then just sat in the frickin' box.

2. This cat who wants to make sure you take a piece of him everywhere you go.

3. This cat who has no time for your "rules" or "feelings" regarding plants, potted or otherwise.

4. Whoever did this.

5. This cat who just gives zero shits.

6. This cat who pushed his friend into looking for the ghost in the basement.

7. This cat who doesn't care if you've had a "long day."

8. This cat who doesn't care that it's 7 a.m. on a Saturday. You better let him and his friends in, STAT.

9. This cat who's doing this just ’cause.

10. This cat who has no regard for the sanctity of naps.

11. And this cat who just really doesn't want you to have nice things.

12. This nightmare-inducing imbecile.

13. This alarm clock demon.

14. This cat who can and will flush the toilet on you while you sit there, dirty butt and all.

15. This cat who has the stink and isn't afraid to use it.

16. This cat who says she just "hates drama" but is always the one who starts it.

17. This mail demon.

18. This cat who honestly is one step away from pouring water on your keyboard.

19. And this grinch.

20. This cat who insists you watch less TV.

21. This punk.

22. Just... Why? Why would you do that.

23. This cat who has zero respect for pancakes.

24. This cat who would just rather you didn't with the whole self-improvement thing.

25. This cat who will defeat you, one push of a cup at a time.

26. This cat who learned her lesson. Maybe.

27. This cat who wanted to wreak havoc just ’cause.

28. This unnecessary fright.

29. This cat who does this to every water fountain he meets.

30. This Master Chef.

31. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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