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21 Cats Who Just Want To Travel With You

"What do you mean you're leaving without me?"

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1. "Look, I'll admit it: I'm sad, okay? I'm real sad."

2. "Fuck you for bringing me into your home and then LEAVING."

3. "When I said you smelled horrible, I was just acting out okay?"

4. "This is literally me sized, let's go now."

5. "It would be very rude to wake me up just to 'catch' your 'plane'."

6. "Just gonna sneak right in here, nothing to see, just bring me along."

7. "Consider this a warning."

8. "Oh, I've noticed you didn't pack any of my sweaters...."

9. "If I don't move, maybe they'll think I'm socks and bring me too."

10. "Look, it's not that I want to go, I just want you to not go."

11. "You forgot my bathing suit, sir."

12. "Shhhh, we're not leaving, we're napping."

13. "I have positioned myself to look like I'm inside a heart so your guilt in leaving me intensifies."

15. "We have power in numbers and we voted so nope, you're not leaving."


17. "Hah, trying to pull off this bag sans moi?? Nice try."

18. "This is just a new container for your clothes, right? It just stays here, right?"

19. "It's cute you thought you could leave without me."

20. "But WHERE do you go??"

21. "Don't worry, I packed my things and mapped everything out so you can take me no problem."

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