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    21 Cats Who Deserve An Apology

    Because Halloween is for humans, not cats.

    1. "No amount of catnip will make this up to me."

    2. "I hate Disney, I hate this, I hate you, I hate humanity, I hate everything."

    3. "You deserve all the evil that's coming to you."

    4. "My soul has been slain."

    5. "I am humiliated."

    6. "Just kill me now, I won't even tell anyone. Just put me out of my misery."

    7. "I called 911 for help but no one took me seriously."

    8. "Pretty pretty princ-I'm going to annihilate the human who made this costume."

    9. "This confirms it: you hate me."

    10. "I know you put me in this fat shaming costume to make yourself look skinnier. It's not working."

    11. "Oh, and I suppose you're the King to my Jester? Cute."

    12. "If I could kill you like this spider, I would. No question."

    13. "This is why I have trust issues."

    14. "If you're dressing the dogs up as the rest of the YMCA I'm leaving, I'm out. Gone forever."

    15. "Cat in the stupid fucking hat. More like cat that's going to fucking kill you."

    16. "My whole life has turned into a numb abyss."

    17. "The darkness in my eyes reflects the newfound darkness of my soul."

    18. "I feel nothing anymore."


    20. "My anger is only quenched by my deep sadness."

    21. "I have seen the end and this is it."

    "I won."