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22 Cats Winning At Life

It's harder than it looks, people.

1. This cat who will NOT stand down from his "no socks while sleeping" policy.

2. This winner:

3. This cat who successfully proved his point without moving a damn paw.

4. This cat who swiftly put this pup in his place.

5. This kitten who has perfected the art of sliding into your DMs.

6. This cat who's taken on the grueling task of giving fedoras a better name:

7. This cat who knows JUST what to do with an intruder:

8. This master potato hunter:

9. This cat who would've won Legends of the Hidden Temple with ease.

10. This problem solver:

11. This cat valiantly standing up to the Roomba.

12. This burglar who came back from near-disaster like a pro:

13. This cat proving his worth at his new job as a bus boy:

14. This cat who knows it's about the journey not the destination:

15. This cat who knows the importance of hydration during a spa day:

16. This master of civil disobedience:

17. This cat who won this house based on squatters rights:

18. This Master of Naps:

19. This cat who knows what he wants and how to get it:

20. This kitten who successfully executed his Promposal with 98% epic dance moves and 2% awkward:

21. This cat who knows the secret to controlling humans is an old fashioned hug:

22. And finally, this turd who knows how to use some red paint to harmlessly scare the crap out of humans:

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