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    24 Cats Who Have No Idea What This World Is About

    The world we live in is confusing AF.

    1. This kitten who just wants to know what this water device is.

    2. This guy who still has no idea why humans get so worked up about sports.

    3. And this cat who now has trust issues.

    4. The cat in the back who has no idea what a sneeze is.

    5. This little kitten who wants to know if anyone else saw this BS.

    6. This cat contemplating how and why humans place so much worth on pieces of paper with no intrinsic value.

    7. This cat who demands to know why you never told her she could stand up sooner.

    8. This cat who has some very valid questions.

    9. This cutie who just discovered her own reflection.

    10. This kitten who demands to know why that surface feels like that.

    11. This cat trying to figure out where his ~parts~ went.

    12. This kitten who wants some explanations about this weird cat.

    13. And this cat who would just want someone to explain "space" and "physics".

    14. This cat who doesn't even know where he is anymore.

    15. This cat who is staging a coup against this weird white substance.

    16. This cat who has no idea what glass is and honestly, doesn't care to find out.

    17. And this one who just doesn't "get dogs"...


    "...excuse me, wut."

    18. This gal who's dreams of understanding bookshelves slowly but surely faded.

    19. This kitten trying to get the hang of human congratulations.

    20. This dude figuring out this whole BBQ thing.

    21. This cat who definitely thought someone else was cleaning him.

    22. This kitten who still hasn't figured out dogs OR holes.

    23. This lady who just doesn't get the "games" of this earth.

    24. And this guy who has no idea what's going on but is pretty stoked to find out!

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