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    17 Cats Enjoying The Finer Things

    Obviously cats are the leaders of taste and class.

    1. This cat enjoying a nice treat.

    2. This cat who's making a bad situation into a fancy situation.

    3. This cat who loves a good pizza date.

    4. And this one who prioritizes exercise.

    5. This kitten enjoying the finest of head scritches.

    6. This kitten who loves a comfy bed and a good snooze.

    7. This cat who's living in the bean bag chair of luxury.

    8. And this cat thoroughly enjoying his life as a captain.

    9. This kitten on the bridge between "Netflix" and "Chill".

    10. This cat enjoying a nice meal with family.

    11. This cat who treated herself to a spa day.

    12. This dinner hostess with the mostess.

    13. This kitten who's figured out how to get the dog to drive her around.

    14. This kitten who understands the importance of a good stretch.

    15. And this cat enjoying a shoulder rub after a hard day at work.

    16. This cat enjoying a fine, fine watermelon.

    17. And these two enjoying a simple little kiss.

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