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17 Breathtaking Cat Walks

They're too sexy for their...human?

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Press play and enjoy.

1. This cat walk-climb.

2. The stair champion.

3. This sly exit.

4. This very ~tall~ walker.

5. This last minute prankster.

6. This cat who is not too sexy for a little help from his friends.

7. This surprise jumper.

8. This cat who loves to one-up humans with his cat walk.

9. This cat who just does not want to walk.

10. This booty walker.

11. These two sharing their runway.

12. This champion.

13. This little prancer.

14. This teeny tiny munchkin walker.

15. This cat who is the one who walks.

16. This teenage gal walkin' up to the bar.

17. And finally, this dainty little miss making cute cat walks look easy breezy.

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