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17 Cats Who Just Want Us All To Get Along

They just want us to hug it out, is that so hard??

1. "Sometimes I sit in my swing and wonder...why can't we all just get along?"

2. "Let's just all take a second and chill."

3. "Pretty sure it's time we hug it out!"

4. "And give each other some extra love."

5. "Hey, don't forget: sometimes you need to give yourself a little love before you can give it to someone else."

6. "Cause life should have more of this!"


8. "Yep, hugs with some wiggles. That's what it should all be about."

9. "Why fight with each other when you can just hug?"

10. "The only thing we should fight about is who gets to hug first!"

11. "Hugs and little whispers of sweet nothings to your loved ones are really the way to go!"

12. "Can't forget to hug the future too."

13. "Hey, even if you DON'T want to get along, drum it out with a friend! So simple!"

14. "If I can hug a dog, you can tell your best friend you love them."

15. "Plus, my face is too cute to ever be angry at anyone!"

16. "Yep, that's the good stuff!"

17. "Now go out there and find someone to hug!"

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