11 Kitties Who Are Now Wondering If They Are Cats

Sanrio just revealed that Hello Kitty is not a cat and it’s causing existential crises among cats everywhere.

1. “Ever since Hello Kitty came out and said she wasn’t a cat, I’ve been up all night questioning my OWN catdom.”

2. “If someone who looks like a cat is actually not a cat, does that mean…I’m not one either??”

3. “But who is this in my reflection if not a cat?”


4. “Has my entire life been a lie??”

5. “Am I actually related to this woman?”

6. “I’m searching for answers but they’re nowhere to be found…”

7. “But everyone has always affirmed that I am, indeed, a cat.”

8. “Why did nobody tell me this is something cats don’t do??”

9. “What does any of this even mean anymore?”

10. “But if she’s not…am I…a British girl too?”


11. “Look, I’ve been a kitty my whole life, I’m not gonna change now.”

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