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22 Dogs Who Would Like Everyone To Just Not

"Can you not?"-these dogs

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1. "This is the worst playdate of my life, can you just not?"

2. "I'd just...really rather you didn't hold my hand."

3. "I am tired of your shit, Kathy."

4. "Honestly, if you could just not, I'd really appreciate it."

5. "Bitch, I said no."

6. "Not today, Cheryl."

7. "I don't care if you're going into to labor, I was napping."

8. "How about no, Dennis."

9. "I don't know what you're offering but can you not."

10. "All the 'no's' to you waking me up right now. ALL OF THEM, I SAY."

11. "Can you just not?"

12. "NOOOOOO."

13. "Honestly. This is a newborn who we JUST got to sleep. Can you just not with the pictures right now?"

14. "Can you just not do this to me right now? I'm not being cute. I'm trying to swim away."

15. "No, I'm wearing this mask to ask for treats politely. Can you not with these questions?"

16. ""

17. "No sounds, just silence. Please stop."

18. "I just want to rest for a second. Can I live?"

19. "Oh, I heard your joke. I just wish you hadn't made it."

20. "No to the face you are making right now. Straight up NO."

21. "How about a buh bye."


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