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    Bird Steals A Camera, Becomes Astounding Cinematographer

    But what he really wants to do is direct.

    OK, so this is Jerome. He found one of the egg cameras and thought something was up.

    And the penguins were like "WHAT IS THIS DUDE DOING WITH THAT EGG THING."

    And Jerome was like, "should I follow my dreams? I'm scared, what if I fail?

    And then he was like "FUCK IT!" and took off and began to create his beautiful art.

    But you know what? He was an amateur and he dropped the damn thing.

    But then this turkey vulture, Jessica, found the camera and decided she wanted to get her art on.

    So she grabbed her cinematographer, Saul and they set to work.

    So avant-garde, so fresh, so REAL.

    After they were all done, the penguins came over for their close-up.

    Watch the entire, inspiring video here:

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