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    These Animals Understand Your Diet Woes

    It's hard to stick to your diet plan. These animals get it.

    The work-outs started out okay...

    But quickly devolved into this:

    Incorporating vegetables are a good start!

    It's important to try new, healthy foods.

    Too bad they're disgusting.

    Seriously. You call broccoli a food??

    You call this a full meal??

    Bitch please.

    Portion control is so hard!

    The Hangry's* start to take over, everyone hates you

    Hangry: when hunger causes extreme anger.

    You're even snapping at your friends who aren't on diets.

    You start to think, if no one sees you take it, the calories don't count...

    Just one more...

    Just a little nibble of cake didn't hurt anyone

    Feeling guilty about wanting all the pizza.

    Screw it. Diet Over.

    Ate the whole box, happier than ever.

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