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31 Biggest Dog Fails Of 2013

It was a ruff year.

1. This dog who was too eager to make new friends.

2. This dog who just wanted to slide like the rest of the kids.

3. This dog who may never escape.

4. This dog who got taken by the snow.

5. This failed leap of faith.

6. This guy who was shamed by both cat and cone.

7. This guy who severely underestimated the size of the ball.

8. Luck doesn't always happen when preparation meets opportunity.

9. This pup who ate a bee and, while he was eventually physically OK, his pride remains wounded.

10. This dog who thought he could outsmart the gate.

11. This guy who was once again defeated by his fear of Julia Roberts.

12. This guy whose redecorating plans backfired horribly.

13. This dog who embarrassed himself by not being able to do the things a dog of his size should.

14. This guy who passed out at too many parties like this.

15. All of the dogs who got in on this unfortunate trend.

16. This guy who just wanted to help with dishes.

17. This gal whose indecisiveness made it impossible for her to achieve any sort of happiness.

18. This dog who got taken advantage of by this cat.

19. This lady who got duped by not one but TWO cats.

20. This stuck pup.

21. This terrified dachshund who was unprepared for all the farts she'd smell if she hid in the covers.

22. This girl who thinks this is your fault for picking such an ugly door in the first place.

23. This pug who failed to make friends and this shibe who failed to be nice to the new kid.

24. This dachshund who got a little too snuggly in a sweater.

25. This marital spat.

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26. This guy who still hasn't learned to stand up for himself.

27. Rosie, who let society's pressures get to her.

28. This pup who keeps forgetting about his growth spurt.

29. This dog who forgot how to dog.

30. This dog's whole existence.

31. And finally, the most adorable fail/puppy/everything of the year.

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