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The 100 Most Important Dog Photos Of All Time

These dogs have changed our hearts, our lives, our world. Perhaps more so than these important cats.

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99. The Swinging Jowls of Glory

Why it matters: Thomas and Frankie were the first two basset hounds to complete a half marathon without any training. This is incredibly difficult for any animal, beast, creature, etc., to do. APPRECIATE THE GLORY.


97. The Glass Face Dog

Why it matters: Dogs do this quite frequently, but this is the trendsetter; this is the first dog who did this (probably). And if he wasn't the first to do it, it doesn't even matter because he is THE BEST.

96. The Pugsplorer

Why it matters: Pugs are often seen as being weak and afraid, but not Melvin. He braved not only wearing a LIFE VEST but he kayaked a good 10 feet away from shore. We should all strive to be as brave as him.


86. Norm the Pug

Why it matters: Norm was the first dog to be brave enough to take the first dog selfie.


80. The Ultimate Cuddle Puddle

Why it matters: This is the ultimate photo of a baby and his pups. The baby pictured will undoubtedly go on to cure cancer due to the love, support, and nap time bliss these Frenchies provided.


77. The Surreptitious Shitter

Why it matters: This is actually an award-winning photo due to the dog in the background. The prize money was the center of a huge lawsuit, as the dog felt he deserved half. The lawsuit, Dog v. LIFE, set a precedent for all subsequent dog trials everywhere.

76. The Leaf Lover

Why it matters: Shortly after this photo was taken, this pooch was inspired to invent the pumpkin spice latte. He now lives a lavish lifestyle in the hills of Los Angeles, where there is no fall.


72. The Pugumentary

Why it matters: This is the first time the pug and his corgi brother were left home alone. The corgi was fine but the pug insisted on documenting it Blair Witch style for the two hours their parents were gone. This is the only record we have of that fateful night.


52. The Disappearing Act

Why it matters: This dog proves the existence of a space-time vortex, accessible only to those pure of heart. He's smiling because he sees all the beauty in the world us normals cannot begin to imagine.

49. Ray Charles

Facebook: Ray-Charles-The-Golden-Retriever

Why it matters: Not only is Ray Charles a downright INSPIRATION for being such a brave blind pup, but he grew up into quite an adorable hunk. This is also the best test to see if you have a heart: Did you smile? Congrats, you have one!

47. The Tumble

Why it matters: At first you're like, "Cool, cute pics of pups," and then you're like, "OMG LOOK AT THE PUP TUSH IN THE AIR, HE WAS JUST GOOFIN' OFF AND AH I'VE NEVER SEEN SUCH A GOOD PUP TUSH IN THE AIR LIKE THAT."

32. Dogception

Why it matters: This makes us question all we know: Where does one dog end and the other begin? Does the dog in the photo have another picture of itself? It doesn't make sense but maybe we just don't UNDERSTAND.

23. The Loner

Why it matters: Listen, we've all been both of these dogs: the one in the corner, feelin' left out, and the one in the front forgetting what it's like to be left out. This is basically the entirety of human existence in one photo.

22. The Muse

Why it matters: Inspiring artists everywhere, this cutie is a pro at sitting up tall and lookin' perfect. You've probably seen him in the photos that come with picture frames. If you took him out of said frames, you are a damned fool.

16. The Unamused Video Chatters

Why it matters: Ever call your mom and she puts you on the phone with whoever she's with, even though you would really rather not? This is exactly what's happening with these dogs.

14. Madonna

Why it matters: This is literally Madonna. The singer. This is really her.

12. The Nicole

Why it matters: You might recognize singer Nicole Scherzinger on the TV in the background. However, her entire being — her looks, her persona, her everything — is based on this dog right here. This is the real Nicole Scherzinger.

11. The Swimmer

Why it matters: Ralph could see the finish up ahead. As the first dog to swim across the English Channel, he knew what a momentous occasion this was. Even as his body languished, exhausted from his endeavor, his eyes could not help but betray his excitement at the prospect of finally achieving his dream.