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The 38 Most Awkward Cats Of 2015

Cats are cool until they aren't.

38. This cat who had zero chill.

37. This climber who forgot what he was doing.

36. This cat whose problem solving face was not his most flattering.

35. This cat who really wished she hadn't chosen a movie with a sex scene to watch with her mom.

34. This cat who had no idea his humans were going to bring back another, smaller one.

"Who the hell is that?"

33. This mother-daughter team who couldn't quite get this cuddling thing down.

32. The first cat in the history of time who did not want to knock the thing over.

31. This cat who was caught thinkin' about his life and his tongue.

30. This cat who never learned to pick his battles.

29. This cat who couldn't with the camera.

28. This cat who not-so-secretly hates hugs.

27. This cat who has no idea what he did to deserve this.

26. This cat who did not expect you to be home so early.

25. This cat who tried to be as cute as her sister but just failed miserably.

"Is this how I do the smile?"

24. This darling who had a little too much holiday cheer and his things are paying the price.

23. This cat who just wanted to see what air tasted like.

22. And this cat who found out the hard way what that plant tasted like.

21. This cat who got a little too friendly with some bees.

20. This cat who fully morphed into a loaf.

19. This cat who could not deal with a cucumber.

18. This cat who said some very rude things to the dog and maybe regrets it. Maybe.

17. This awkward girl who could not catch a break on her first day of school.

16. This cat who wanted to head up an awkward family dinner.

15. And this cat who didn't mean to ruin one.

14. This cat who was so very confused about his anatomy this year.

13. These tenants who regret going through on that "best friend compound".

12. This cat who realized he was the cat and just sat like this for hours.

11. This kitten who couldn't shake from the clutches of a flip flop.

10. This cat who made a horrible mistake.

9. This buddy who is not as keen on his new friend as she is on him.

8. This cat who just realized he's stuck in the middle of the pool with nowhere to go.

7. This cat who has an emotional aversion to pancakes but is trying to be polite about it.

6. This cat who is sick and tired of putting on ridiculously small human clothing.

5. This cat who has an extreme tape situation.

4. This Jabba the Hutt wannabe.

3. This little munchkin who couldn't quite figure out her food bowl.

2. This cat who just really wanted to fit in.


1. And finally, this cat who went a little too hard on the nip.

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