Are You Responsible Enough To Have A Pet?

Yes, you might want one but can you handle one?

  1. Check all that apply to you.
    1. 1 I like animals.
    2. 2 I love animals.
    3. 3 I am allergy-free.
    4. 4 I am not allergy-free but I’m all about that claritin.
    5. 5 I like being outdoors.
    6. 6 I have a plant.
    7. 7 I have a plant and kept it alive.
    8. 8 I love to snuggle.
    9. 9 I HATE being woken up.
    10. 10 I don’t like being woken up but it’s not the worst thing in the world.
    11. 11 I feel like animals understand me more than humans.
    12. 12 I don’t mind mind slobber.
    13. 13 I am patient.
    14. 14 I am kind.
    15. 15 I don’t mind a butt in my face.
    16. 16 I understand a butt in my face can sometimes be a compliment.
    17. 17 I don’t mind cleaning up after someone else’s mess.
    18. 18 I can keep my gag reflex in check when around gross smells.
    19. 19 I cannot keep my gag reflex in check around gross smells but can get through it.
    20. 20 I don’t mind cleaning up poop.
    21. 21 Material things aren’t important to me.
    22. 22 I have the time to train a pet.
    23. 23 I have the time to hang out with a pet.
    24. 24 I don’t mind leaving a party early.
    25. 25 I love having an excuse to leave a party early.
    26. 26 I like to pet soft things.
    27. 27 I feel calmer around animals.
    28. 28 I sometimes go to dog parks and get jealous of all the humans with their dogs.
    29. 29 I spend a lot of time on PetFinder.
    30. 30 I have a huge back yard.
    31. 31 I don’t have a back yard but I have enough space for a pet.
    32. 32 I am good at remembering things.
    33. 33 I remember to feed myself.
    34. 34 I don’t mind a mess.
    35. 35 I love playing.
    36. 36 I believe animals are an extremely important part of this earth.
    37. 37 The more I hang out with animals, the more I understand about myself.
    38. 38 I do not mind being covered in dog or cat hair.
    39. 39 I work reasonable hours.
    40. 40 I have friends who I trust to take care of my home when I’m away.
    41. 41 I have family who I trust to take care of my home when I’m away.
    42. 42 There is a veterinarian in my town.
    43. 43 I am a veterinarian.
    44. 44 Animals love me.
    45. 45 I am understanding.
    46. 46 If someone destroyed my favorite possession by accident, I would be able to forgive them.
    47. 47 I respect animals.
    48. 48 Animals are our future.
    49. 49 If I could save all the animals in the world, I would.
    50. 50 If someone peed on my bed, I would tell them I was mad and then get over it.
    51. 51 I do not have 5+ animals in a small space.
    52. 52 I have a void in my heart that can only be fulfilled with animals.
    53. 53 I love unconditional love.
    54. 54 I want a best friend to respect me and for me to respect.
    55. 55 I own enough underwear.
    56. 56 I remember to call my parents at least once in a while.
    57. 57 I LOVE ANIMALS!!

IF you are responsible enough, there are tons of lovable creatures waiting for homes at your local shelter or you can peruse on Pet Finder!

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