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31 Animals Who Wear Their Hearts On Their Noses

Where else are you supposed to put it if you don't have sleeves?

1. This lovely lady who uses her heart nose for her head scratch benefit.

2. This guy who can't help but show you how he feels.

3. OOO and this one who knows if she just puts it out there, she'll find her one true love.

4. This sleepy love bug.

5. This guy who knows Valentine's Day is about family and friends.

6. This blue eyed babe.

7. This pup who wants to make sure everyone knows: he's ready for love.

8. This cutie who wants you to stop being so shocked that she's so open with her emotions.

9. This one who shows her love by showing her heart nostril. If you get the other one...well, I'm just sorry for you then.

10. This beaut.

11. This dramatic beauty.

12. This corgi who rounded out his corgi heart butt with his corgi heart nose.

13. This calming heart.

14. This little bun heart boop.

15. This shy cutie who puts his heart out there so he doesn't have to speak.

16. This guy whose heart never gets cold, no matter how chilly it gets outside.

17. This gal whose heart nose is only one-upped by those adorable puppy eyes.

18. This guy who just started letting his heart show and is a little self-conscious.

19. This gal who likes to show her heart in more subtle ways.

20. This guy who's waiting for the right one to notice his heart.

21. This....oh my god, I had no idea a corgi could get cuter.

22. This little pink heart that is just waiting to be booped.

23. This little one who put her heart out there so she's always clear, even when she's snoozin'.

24. This one who doesn't understand how you don't wear your heart on your nose.

25. This one who is kind of mad you just suggested he shouldn't be so vulnerable with his emotions.

26. This girl who loves you, damnit!

27. This gal with an extra subtle heart on her noser.

28. This one who is kind of sick of getting photographed from above but hey, it's the price of honesty.

29. This goofy love ball.

30. This girl who is sick of getting asked if her heart is "natural".

31. Finally, this guy who wants to be your Valentine all year round.