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27 Animals Who Understand Exactly How You Feel Post-Thanksgiving

So full, can't move, no regrets.

1. "Do not even TALK to me about food."

2. "This isn't weird; it's helping with digestion."

3. "I have nobody to blame but myself."

4. "Forget the sales — Black Friday was created to mourn all sense of my self-control."

5. "I can't even look at treats. Do you even understand what that means for a pug?? IT MEANS PART ME HAS DIED."

6. "'Eat more,' they said, 'It's Thanksgiving,' they said. I regret everything."


8. "I'm not holding onto Thanksgiving, I just can't get this outfit off."

9. "I'm here to swing off this food hangover, not to socialize."


11. "If I smile, I can get through digesting that last roll."

12. "Dear god, if I could just fart, I would feel at least 50% better."

13. "Don't look at me, I'm hideous."

Chelsea Marshall

14. "I can't even fit into my favorite box anymore, OK?? THIS IS AN EMOTIONAL TIME."

15. "Let's just pretend I didn't get thirds last night, OK?"

16. "The day after Thanksgiving is the one day I regret having children."

17. "Lay off me, this is my only solace."

18. "I almost got out of bed today and then... I just couldn't."

19. "Oh, good for you, you were moderate last night and can function. Leave me be."

20. "Nope."

21. "Dark meat is my undoing every year."

22. "Just leave me here to die."

23. "I've seen Death and his name is Stuffing."


25. "Please, give me some privacy."

26. "Don't you dare try to play with me while my body is paying penance for the sin of my mouth."

27. "Wait, did you say there are leftovers??"

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