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21 Animals Preparing For The Winter Olympics

They're gonna take all the gold metals your heart can give.

1. Penguins obviously have an advantage in the winter Olympics, what with natural born Cross Country Skiing Techniques...

2. But it takes more than that, it takes practicing all sorts of skills...

3. lifting. Lifting is very important to an athlete's overall performance.

4. Jumping and balance is very important to snowboarders.

5. She's on the US Hockey team but she made sure to practice her strategy in other arenas.

6. Before one can luge with a luge one must luge as oneself.

7. Stretches are key, they take lots and lots of practice. It's fact.

8. You think those ice skaters get those buns just from sitting around?

9. So, this Frenchie got disqualified for this but you got to admire his spirit.

10. And Peter over here has been practicing on wheels to rev up for his halfpipe glory.

11. There's actually no word as to whether or not this woman has been training but she certainly looks the part.

12. Working your core is an extremely central part of most athlete's training routines...

13. is agility.

14. This corgi get tired? Please.

15. And these cats show the spirit of NEVER giving up.

16. Look how happy and prepared this guy is! HE'S READY.


18. Ferocity coupled with the knowledge that yoga can prevent injuries, these guys will undoubtedly be CHAMPIONS.

19. This is actually top secret footage of a portion of the Russia Skating team's choreography.

20. And look, this guy knows he'll get looks in the Olympic village but this is the warm up that will take him to the GOLD so deal with his truth.

21. But no one can out-perform this guy. BYE EVERYONE, MAY THE ODDS BE EVER IN YOUR FAVOR!