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18 Animals Celebrating Jorts Week

Jorts just got even cuter.

1. Number one rule of Jorts Week?


3. Jorts so long that when you wear 'em low, they start to resemble jeans? Totally fine.*

*Dogs have short legs, okay?

4. No need to worry that you aren't doing it right: that is literally impossible!

5. There are tons of ways to celebrate this week even if you don't have a pair of your very own.

Creative Commons / Flickr: 61577908@N00

6. Overall jorts aren't just accepted, they're encouraged.

7. Low-rise? DO IT.

8. Okay, so this guy's game is a little off but Jorts week is 80% about effort.

9. Jorts Culture is about contemplation.

10. Adding a bit of color is always encouraged.

11. Jorts are great for casual lounging...

12. ...and dranking...

13. ...and snoozin'...

14. ...but most of all, jorts are about feeling GOOD.

Macey J Foronda / BuzzFeed

15. I mean, look at how majestic this little guy looks.

16. No matter what anyone tells you: a simple jort is just as fly...

17. ones with a little more embellishment.


Andrew Gauthier / Via

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