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36 Animal Moments That Changed The World In 2015

These are the moments that defined us, that shaped us, that made us who we were in 2015.

36. When this corgi patiently taught her student how to properly sit.

35. When Bagel Pigeon bravely pushed the boundaries of fashion.

34. When this golden smiled so beautifully for picture day.

33. When this kitten showed this kid who's boss.

32. When this raccoon found his forever home.

31. "Jay, what the f*** is that?!"

Facebook: video.php

30. When this corgi couldn't be happier to be described as a "Thing of Evil."

Facebook: OfficialStephenKing

29. When this pup just wanted his human's forgiveness.

28. When this proud papa posed with his entire family.

27. When Doug and Chloe re-created Lady and the Tramp.

David J. Bertozzi / BuzzFeed

26. When this mighty Frenchie defended her home from two adorable bear cubs.

25. When this cat messed things up just to remind her human that she could.

24. When these two goldens chose a mediator over divorce court.

23. When this moose escaped the police.

22. When Rob and his girlfriend made a dream bed to fit their whole furry family.

21. When Loki the corgi found out that bacon was bad for you.

20. When this dog made art out of his unbridled joy.

19. When this lil' bebe elephant did a lil' dance with lil' birds.

18. When Shiba-san retired.

17. When these ducklings had a hell of a time going to the pond.

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16. When this cat got prosthetic legs.

Facebook: video.php

15. The moment when this cat found out the baby was his.


14. When this corgi epically battled a pumpkin.

13. When this baby seal just wanted a little cuddle.

12. When a dog finally tasted the rainbow.

11. When this lemur bravely jumped.

<3 <3 <3

10. When this crab in Philadelphia out Philly-d himself.

my friend just posted this real-life photo of a crab wandering the streets of north philly with a cigarette

9. When this fluffy started a new trend.

8. When Canada honored one of its fallen heroes.

Don't quite know what to say about this sidewalk discovery except that it really brought ppl together. #deadraccoonto

7. When this man fashioned a kayak for his two best friends.

Linda Bahnson / Via

6. When this eagle said what everyone was thinking.


4. When one man made a dog train for all his best friends.

3. When two badass llamas escaped and made the world stop.

2. When this Shiba got lost on her way to work but didn't mind one bit.

1. And, of course, Pizza Rat.

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