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The 32 Most Important Animal Vines Of 2014

Unsurprisingly, animals won Vine this year.

32. This cat who is all of us Monday morning.

31. This whale gettin' down.

30. This llama who knows what he wants and it's not your empty hands.

29. This booty-shakin' corgi.

28. This backseat singer.

27. This panda showing off her moves.

26. This cat who knows what she wants and it's treats.

25. This lil' pup who lost his voice.

24. This sneezer turned dancer.

23. This swaggy kitten.

22. This piglet who just loves scretches.

21. This perfectly timed burp.

20. This dog who submitted this countless times to the "Happy" music video.

19. This pug loaf.

18. This little guy who just wants to help!

17. This talkative goat.

16. This VERY grateful squirrel.

15. This snoring joy of a pugger.

14. This wiggler.

13. This corgi who's on his way to the NBA.

12. This dog who found out he was adopted.

11. This pug who's working on his spatial awareness.

10. This puppy proving pit bulls can be the sweetest pups of all. / Via Instagram: @

9. This sheep who is never too busy to say hey to his best friends.

8. Rosie the Pig who continued to delight on Vine this year.

7. This corgi who could not with these stairs.

6. This road tripper.

5. This dog showin' off his new kicks.

4. This little lamb welcoming you home.

3. These brave firefighters.

2. This piglet running and snortin' right towards your heart.

1. Finally, the Vine of all 2014 Vines: this determined llama.