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24 Animal Pictures You Have To Look At Twice

Illusions or identity crisis? You decide.

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1. Caring mother or crazy legged MONSTER?

Via Michael Milicia/Solent News/Rex/Rex USA

2. Just goin' to the Spa.

3. Just wants a hug.

4. DJ Chi Wa.

5. One Alpaca Head, two bodies.

6. The most responsible driver known to man.

7. Working on his sloth attack pose.

8. No one knows which way is up.

9. Oh you know, waiting at the station.

10. Just a normal swim, nothing to see here.

11. Catching up on some reading.

12. Sometimes a horse needs to rock out.

13. Modern Day Pegasus?

14. Oh what a nice couple...

15. Sometimes the humans have an identity crisis too.

16. Cat lookin' for food.

17. Welcome to the party.

Photographer: Jurgen Otto

Photographer: Jurgen Otto

18. Two bodies, one head.

19. Angry Bunny?

Or crazy cat?

20. Allergic Reaction.


22. Long commute home.

23. Sittin' on the dock of the bay.

24. Finally, the most confusing of them all: the Water Rabbit.

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