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    35 Adorable Things To Get You Through Your "Breaking Bad" Withdrawal

    Now that the shock of the series finale is out of the way, we can start focusing on the crippling anxiety caused by a world without Breaking Bad. What does a fan do now? Look at adorable things, of course.

    1. The day we've long dreaded has arrived...the day....oh god, can you even say it?

    2. The day...*gulp*...when there is no more Breaking Bad...

    3. But before you travel to the dark abyss that is a world without our favorite meth cooks...

    4. Let's look at some adorable things because goddamnit, we'll get through this loss together.

    5. Penny is here to offer you a beer to quell the deep sadness in your heart.

    6. Plus, if she can get through the fear of this statue, you can get through this withdrawal.

    7. Take a deep breath and look at this hedgie, smiling at you through the pain.

    8. And hey, at least you're not this devastated owl.

    9. If the bleak void that has replaced your future Sunday nights gets you down, remember this guy having the best birthday.


    11. This guy loves you so much, he wants you to know things ended for the best.

    12. This horse kind of looks like Jesse in good times, ya know?

    13. Also, now that you have your Sunday's back, you can get back to perfecting those skills you've been meaning to.

    14. Maybe even learn a new way to scoot around!

    15. Somewhere in the world, the cutest of dogs are best friends.

    16. And this dog is perfecting the perfect backstroke.

    17. Even if all these cutie images still give you flashes of Walter White...

    18. Don't forget that cows have best friends.

    19. And that some pups need pacifiers too.

    20. Look on the bright side: you won't have these kind of encounters when someone's about to spoil the next episode.

    I know, I'm sorry for reminding you it won't be on next week. Calm down, there are more cute things to get you through it...

    21. Like this bird in this totally chill sweatshirt vest!

    22. And this awesome moving company for hire.

    23. And this fish smiling at you because everything will be okay!

    24. Clinging to the couch Sunday night? That's for adorable kittens now.

    25. If you need to cling to something, try your BFF just like Shaq.

    26. Also, uh look at these adorable best friends.

    27. And this adorable line-up.

    28. It's extremely important that we get through this together, whether you're ready or not.

    29. Otherwise we'll end up like this possum and render ourselves unable to move.

    Or just got insane.

    30. But just remember Jesse's somewhere out there, having a heart-to-heart with this puppy.

    31. This panda cat also exists.

    32. OH HEY, this is a mini-horse talking to his same-sized duck friend and it's beautiful.

    33. So just remember the old saying, "it was better to have watched and lost than to have never watched at all..."

    34. Plus, you can always rewatch it all on Netflix.