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61 Adorable Behind-The-Scenes Moments At Puppy Bowl X

Welcome to the Puppy Bowl, where the puppies are the stars and the kittens win our hearts.

1. The Puppy Bowl is the most important sporting event of the year.

2. It is filled with tons of adoptable cuties...

3. ...including ones of the feline variety...

4. well some feathered cheerleaders.

(not adoptable, but certainly squee-worthy)

5. It took hours of warming up backstage before any of them went out.

6. A favorite pre-game strategy was the cuddle puddle...

7. ...while the most successful pre-game strategy was the nap until the very last moment.

8. Once they were all cuddled, rested, and warmed up, it was time to make a grand entrance. Some were shy but focused...

9. ...and some simply acted shy while they smelled out the fear.

10. Some were just really, really happy to be there...

...really, really...


It's OK, you can take a moment to catch your breath.

11. Once the game got going, there was a lot for the ref to handle.

12. Some got in real big trouble right away...

13. ...while others got praised for great sportsmanship.

14. This guy got tackled right away and decided that football was not for him.

Us too, baby lab, us too.

15. The real action happened backstage, where we were lucky enough to get some choice interviews.

16. Some were too popular to ask...

17. ...and some too sleepy. Luckily, some obliged.

"Why do you think you got out of that red card earlier today?"


"What has football taught you?"


"Any advice for future Puppy Bowlers or just fans?"




"What's the most embarrassing thing that's happened to you on the field?"



"What keeps you motivated when you're out on the field?"



"Has there been increased female attention since you've become a sports star?"


28. "..."



31. But how could you not like the penguinleaders?

32. After all, these cuties almost stole the show with their top-notch cheering.

33. To be honest, it was shocking that they didn't melt the ice with the amount of heat they were giving off.

34. I suppose they would've completely stolen the show, if the kittens didn't bring down the house with their halftime show.

35. Their performance was altogether shocking...

36. ...inspiring...

37. ...colorful...

38. ...on point...

39. ...and, above all, adorable.

40. Obviously, we had to go backstage and ask the hard-hitting questions.

"Were you excited about performing in the biggest sporting event of the year?"


42. "..."

"Any advice for future performers, like Bruno Mars?"



"Why do you think you stood out among the millions that auditioned?"



"How do you feel about the puppy athletes?"



"What did you take away from Beyoncé's performance last year?"




"What's the best part about performing?"



"Anything you want your fans to know?"



(She forced her autograph on us)


57. Basically, the Puppy Bowl X is the cutest thing to happen during the sports season.

58. ...complete with penguins...

59. ...and adorable kittens.

So a couple of last questions...

"How do you think Puppy Bowl X is shaping up?"


"Should we all watch?"

61. This face says it all.

All of the kittens and puppies who participated are part of an adoption program. To find out more, check out the Puppy Bowl Adoption Agencies and Organizations.

Be sure to watch Puppy Bowl X on Feb. 2, starting at 3 p.m.

All photos by Chelsea Marshall and Sami Main for Buzzfeed.