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    9 Things You Have To Know About The Art World's First Pug Prodigy

    She's an intense artÍst who will undoubtedly change the world.

    This is Marina Abramopug and she is a very serious artíst.

    I was lucky enough to sit down with her (in an email thread). This is what I learned:

    1. She prepares a LOT for her stare-downs, employing the Abramopug Method™

    "a) I drink very slowly from my water bowl, feeling each lap of my tongue fill my body's cells with the nourishing water.

    b) I write my name very slowly, taking at least an hour... because I have no opposable thumbs.

    c) I count all the grains of rice in a pile. This takes at least 16 hours. Sometimes more because I eat it and have to start over."

    2. Thinking about nothing is extremely important during the stare-down:

    "It's very important to come to the non-thinking state and it takes lots of effort and once you are in that state, that makes much more easy communication with the person in front of you because you are able to see him as he is, not through the way of your thinking. Also, I wonder if they have treats."

    3. When asked if she's ever made anyone cry and if so, how much, her response was chilling:


    4. She keeps in shape behind the scenes with "Doga".

    View this video on YouTube

    As you may see, Marina goes by "Nigel" in everyday life. She doesn't subscribe to gender norms/labels.

    5. Her senior assistant, Hannah addresses on Marina's tumblr that she is a genius diva.

    "It's not easy being in Marina Abramopug's entourage. Sometimes she makes us collect her feces in plastic bags. (It's a performance art thing.) Totally worth it, though."

    6. She is VERY serious about her art and has little time for anything else.

    "My whole life is work of art. Next question."

    Here Marina is at her installation at Serpentine Gallery in London.

    7. The only thing that may alter her artistic pursuits is sleep.

    "The problem with being a celebrity pug artist is that you are very likely to sleep through your 15 minutes of fame."

    8. She doesn't really care about where art's headed...

    "Where it's headed? Who can say."

    9. ...but is deeply aware of her legacy.

    "My legacy will be the Marina Abramopug Institute™, where pugs from all over the world can train in my method."

    You can follow the great Marina's tumblr here.

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