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51 Corgi GIFs That Will Change Your Life

Paw by paw, they have made this world a better place.

1. The happy little corg, smiling his way into your heart.

2. The guy who just wants to "PLAY PLAY PLAY WAKE UP AND PLAY"

3. The corgi mama who can't baaaalieeeeve her pup pooted so badly.


5. The Last Great Explorer.

6. The corgi who loves the feel of hardwood floors on his tum.

7. The scientist, discovering just what a spring does in this world.

8. The corgi who is totally cool hangin' here by himself if you have to run errands.

9. The corgi whose life motto is "Treat yoself."

10. The corgi who will do anything for his life, his love, his ball.

11. The corgi whose rodeo show will upstage any and all other rodeo shows.

12. The corgi who was waiting all day for this moment.

13. The two Olympians, training for their big match.

14. The second sleepiest corg in the world.

15. The water warrior.

16. The corgi who has no idea where the hell he is.

17. The corgi who is training for the NY Marathon.

18. The glider.

19. The track guard.

20. The acrobat.

21. The one who represents you, reaching for your remote.

22. The corgi who would win every wet T-shirt contest but would never enter because she respects herself.

23. The one who will NOT let his short legs stop him from anything.

24. The ones who know getting in shape is easier with a friend.

25. The one who every major league team is trying to recruit but he refuses to sign, fearing it would ruin his love of the game.

26. The maniac.

27. The one who appreciates you! Appreciates you for all that you do!

28. The one who risked EVERYTHING for her kin.

29. The one who will defeat this tennis ball — oh, he'll defeat it.

30. The one who is waiting for you to notice the surprise he got you.

31. The two best friends.

32. The magician.

33. The Olympic diver, I MEAN LOOK AT THAT STRIDE.

34. The one who says what we all think: "ICE, WHY YOU GOTTA BE SO COLD?"

35. THE sleepiest puppy.

36. The synchronized sleepers.

37. The one who refuses to eat healthy.

38. The corgi who's not sleeping, just resting his eyes!

39. The one who loves a good tow job.

40. The guy who really supports you, no matter the decisions you make.

41. The snow bun--er--corgi.

42. The one who just needs to sleep off his last meal.

43. The corgi who doesn't know why everyone's laughing.

44. The bowler.

45. The gal who loves being a mom but is at her wit's end.

46. The corg who is sick of your shenanigans.

47. The (briefly) brave corgi.

48. The ice skater.

49. The bravest butterball the world has ever seen.

50. The GQ model.

51. The rap star.