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32 Cute Things To Distract From Your Awkward Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving can be stressful but cute animals never are!

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1. Relax and enjoy this otter getting brain freeze.

2. And this dog who's also being interrogated about his love life today.

3. Still feeling awkward? Gaze into the sweet, loving eyes of a baby owl.

4. Snuggle up with this cute budy!

5. Or this lil' dude living out all your hula dreams.

6. Pretend you are this dog mirroring his BFF.

7. Or that you're cuddling with the adorable kitten family.

8. Just take a look at this cat, who got caught being a little too familiar with her toesies.

It's the face of instant regret.

9. Or this lil guinea has a very important gift to finish knitting!

10. Perhaps this excited bulldog will inspire you to smile through the evening.

11. Be as chill as this cow. This cow is super chill.

12. Or this lil' fox who is all ready to cuddle up.

13. Look at this tiny, tiny, tiny puppy.

14. Try not to get defeated by hot dogs or real dogs.

15. Be the seal. You are the seal.

16. Here is a hedgie who is excited to get his grind on.

17. And this little tyke living the absolute dream.

18. If your Aunt is being too affectionate, channel the energy of this kitten.

19. Or think about this puppy trying to figure out exactly how stairs work.

20. And this curious ball of fuzz.

21. Look at this cow getting a good grooming from his best buddy.

22. And this cat who is about to make a BIG move.

23. And this guinea pig who definitely just committed a murder.

24. Calm yourself with this bun with the longest ears in the entire world.

25. And this pup who might ACTUALLY be a teddy bear.

26. Perhaps focus on the best kind of potato.

27. This baby Bernese Mountain dog is just blowing you a lil' kiss to help you through the day.

28. Look at these two who embody the meaning of true love.

29. And this couple enjoying the teeniest pancake breakfast.

30. This dog and his butterfly buddy are here to remind you everything will be okay.

31. Perhaps most importantly, all of these snuggly pugs have the right idea: get cozy and forget the world.

32. And if you remember anything at all, let it be this kitten who is so proud of you for stomaching another awkward Thanksgiving.

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