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    31 Reasons To Love Biggie Smalls

    Biggie's back and this time, he's actually small. This Griffon is an Instagram sensation who appreciates all rap, old and new.

    1. He's real.

    2. He gets real with his Mama love.

    3. He sometimes has trouble settling disputes between his mind and body.

    4. He knows the importance of good brain (scratches! He only means brain scratches!)

    5. He's straightforward and hey, kind of sensual.

    6. He likes his beef with a side of Beef.

    7. He's confident.

    8. He's a loyal sports fan.

    9. He can be tougher than a Great White.

    10. He fancy, you fancy, we all fancy.

    11. He isn't about smoke and mirrors.

    12. He knows actions speak louder than words.

    13. Hey, he understands the pain of existence.

    14. But knows how to find his Zen.

    15. He loves his money but is loyal to his one true love: his hometown.

    16. He knows his place.

    17. Once again, he knows what he likes.

    18. He keeps it sexy and wants you to keep it sexy too.

    19. Yes, he's a business man now, but it doesn't keep him from wondering about a different life...

    20. He YOLO's with the best of 'em.

    21. Sometimes he regrets his youth.

    22. He'll make you breakfast.

    23. He's sentimental, ya know?

    24. He values his mind over his looks.

    25. He's got a nice ride.

    26. He gets self-conscious too.

    27. He's a fiend for good treats.

    28. He nasty.

    29. He'll keep your secrets, even if it's difficult.

    30. Great dancer, just top notch.

    31. Most of all, he knows to celebrate life and wants to celebrate with you.