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31 Reasons To Love Biggie Smalls

Biggie's back and this time, he's actually small. This Griffon is an Instagram sensation who appreciates all rap, old and new.

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3. He sometimes has trouble settling disputes between his mind and body.

Instagram: @biggie_griffon

"My mind's telling me no; but my body, my body is telling me yes...I don't see nothing wrong with a little bump n' grind I don't see nothing wrong I don't see nothing wrong with a little bump n' grind I don't see nothing wrong."

9. He can be tougher than a Great White.

Instagram: @biggie_griffon

"My world's deep blue; Killers gotta eat too; Looking for haters flesh to rip my teeth through; Other fish in the sea but dogs ain't equal; Biggie Smalls in the illist."

17. Once again, he knows what he likes.

Instagram: @biggie_griffon

"I seen her on the Ave, spotted her more than once; Ass so fat that youcould see it form the front; She spot me like paparazzi; Shot me a glance in that catwoman stance with the fat booty pants, Hot damn!"

18. He keeps it sexy and wants you to keep it sexy too.

Instagram: @biggie_griffon

"Can't a young dog get money anymore? Tell PETA my fur is dragging on the floor; Can I have a bad bitch without no flaws, come to meet me without no drawers?"

29. He'll keep your secrets, even if it's difficult.

Instagram: @biggie_griffon

"Nobody has to know; We can keep it on the down low; Nobody has to know; Secret lovers is what you wanna be...what is a man to do in a situation like this?"

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