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    29 Sock Rockin' Dogs

    Sometimes some nice soft socks are all a pup needs.

    1. "Knee Highs toe the line between classic and fresh. Just like me."

    2. "I like getting home, putting on some nice fuzzy socks, and having some 'me' time"

    3. "Whoever said socks are only for feet just hasn't LIVED."

    4. "Sometimes I fall asleep wearing socks and I wake up and I'm all 'WHAT IS THIS' but then I remember lol lol I'm such a dog."

    5. "Wearing socks feels good and also helps me clean the kitchen."

    6. "Pink socks are a way for me to feel feminine, sexy, and fun."

    7. "Dude, have you ever smoked weed and then put on some socks? It's like...oh my god. You have to try it."

    8. "I wear one sock as an homage to the late Michael Jackson. Doesn't matter if it's sock or paw, ammiright?"

    9. "A lady isn't dressed for a tea party without her socks."

    10. "Oh hey, Steve. Didn't know you'd be home so early."

    11. "Mixin' and matchin' just suits me."

    12. "One cannot simply wear socks, one must be the socks."

    13. "I find socks are the best way to be Patriotic."

    14. "Oh why thank you. I do have dainty feet, don't I?"

    15. "Got my socks on, got my bone, now I wish you would leave me alone to enjoy my afternoon in peace."

    16. "I'm fuzzy so my socks should be too."

    17. "To be honest, I only wear these for modeling jobs."

    18. "When I wake up in the morning, the only thing that gets me out of bed is knowing this moment is coming."

    19. "I am ready for the Gala."

    20. "Thank you for waiting for me to put on my socks. Now we're ready to gossip."

    21. "Yellow matches my cheerful persona."

    22. "Socks allow me to go deeper into my mediation practice."

    23. "I'm ready for school!"

    24. "I love socks but I hate this style. Checks are so last season."

    25. "Yes, I know these look like elf shoes. It's kind of what I was going for."

    26. "I cannot believe you aren't even wearing any."

    27. "People say I'm dramatic but I just say I'm well-styled."

    28. "These socks? Oh I just picked them up down the street."

    29. "When you look good, you feel good and you know what? I feel GREAT."