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    29 Dogs Who Will Make You Want To Be A Better Person

    Nothing like a great dog to inspire you to be your best self.

    1. This guide dog puppy who knows you're never too small to start giving back.

    2. This dog who will be any creature's designated driver, no questions asked.

    3. These dogs who dropped everything to provide support in the aftermath of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

    Michelle Mcloughlin / Reuters

    4. These dogs who understand the true meaning of friendship.

    5. This dog who took time out of her busy schedule to teach this girl to read.

    Lindy Pfaff/Lindy Pfaff

    6. Haatchi changed the life of his best friend, who suffers from Schwartz-Jampel Syndrome

    Steve Meddle / Rex/REX USA

    7. This dog who received his high school diploma with his best friend by his side.

    8. This dog who doesn't care what anyone says: he loves his cat and isn't afraid to show it.

    9. This dog who wants to make sure you respect his baby's privacy.

    10. This extremely talented painter.

    11. This dog who knows the importance of "one more hug".

    12. This dog who would help his favorite human whether or not he received any awards.

    Lucy Ray/Associated News/REX USA

    13. This dog who finds a friend in anyone hooved, pawed, or otherwise.

    14. This dog who should inspire you to try harder.

    15. This dog who was brave and got his check up because that's what grown ups do.

    16. This dog who serves his country with pride.

    17. This dog who will remind you to be a little more patient too.

    18. This dog who isn't afraid to show his emotions in public.

    19. This dog who saved her human from being hit by a train and subsequently lost her own leg.

    20. This dog who comes in every day acting like a boss so she's always treated like a boss.

    21. This dog who immediately welcomed his adopted brother home with open arms.

    22. This dog who always makes sure to appreciate our troops.

    23. This dog who saved his little human from an abusive babysitter.

    24. This dog who kept his sense of humor.

    25. This dog who was in a huge rush but still made time to take out his retired guinea pig friend.

    26. Big Bear who was rescued by this veteran but now is paying him back in endless love and devotion.

    27. This dog who actually had a really bad day but is putting it aside because he knows you need some cheering up too.

    28. Byron who goes above and beyond for his human every day.

    Caters News Agency

    29. And finally, Arthur, who not only proved persistence pays off, but made his new family better people along the way.

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