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    29 Adorable Ways To Dress Up With Your Dog This Halloween

    Dogs fix everything including your Halloween costume.

    1. The Wicked Witch and Glenda the Good Witch

    2. As Pinocchio, Gepetteo and Jiminy Cricket

    One day, he'll be a real boy!

    3. Liberace, Scott Thorson and their body guard.

    4. Phoenixes!

    5. King Kong, his lady and the Empire State Building is a hit for all NYers

    6. A turkey and a pilgrim.

    7. E.T. and Elliot, complete with the moon.

    8. The cast of the Ninja Turtles.

    9. Cars with their car fox.

    10. Cat woman, Batman and Robin

    11. Darth and an Ewok

    12. A medieval princess with her noble steed.

    13. A chef with her pot of adorable lobster.

    14. What's a hot dog without mustard and ketchup?

    15. "I Love Lucy"

    16. Medical Marijuana complete with the guy who got caught with the illegal stuff.

    17. Shark attack.

    18. Dumbo with his magic feather.

    19. A circus act.

    20. The whole cast of Cinderella.

    21. A Banksy.

    22. A delicious meal.

    23. The watchman from Haunted Mansion.

    24. The 3 Little Pigs.

    25. A Bee Keeper and her sleepy bee

    26. Awake giraffe and sleepy giraffe.

    27. The incredible cast of The Incredibles

    28. Ghostbuster and Stay Puft

    29. And finally, the winner of all things Halloween: Baby Leia with Frenchie Yoda and Frenchie Darth.